Booking Conditions

We want you to know how we protect your interests, the terms under which you make your booking and that we are committed in dealing with you fairly. We want you to come back to us next time you travel and recommend us to your friends.

We hope that you consider our terms and conditions to be fair, and that these will be taken into account when making your reservation with us. All bookings made are based on these terms and conditions are subject to English Law and jurisdiction, and these do not affect your statutory rights.

When you book

All arrangements made between MEN AROUND LTD (UK reg. 10652922) trading as FREEDOM TO, hereinafter called "the company", and you, "the client" are subject to the following booking conditions. The person completing the reservation, or making the reservation on line, warrants that he or she has the authority of all persons named on the booking to make the reservation on their behalf.

No employee or agent of the company has the right to amend the terms and conditions of booking either expressly or by implication.

We know the areas and product we have featured on this site better than anyone, and therefore, we would strongly urge you to talk to us, if you are unsure about your requirements.

Booking showing as "on request"

On occasions, we may not be able to confirm bookings immediately, and they will show as "on request". This may mean that we require rooms above our usual allocation due to the popularity of your chosen hotel.

All "on request" bookings have to be 100% definite before we are able to book and confirm a reservation, and a valid credit or debit card number will be requested at the time of the enquiry.

We will only debit this card if the booking is confirmed by your requested accommodation, and not before.

If the requested accommodation is not available, we will advise you accordingly and recommend some suitable alternatives. We will NOT debit your card until such time you advise us that any alternatives offered are acceptable in by email.

Payment of the booking

The full payment of your booking will be required at the time of your reservation. The exact cost will be shown before you make your payment and after you have confirmed that you have read our booking conditions.

We have negotiated very special rates with our hotels, and once booked, these are non refundable, and cannot be changed, under any circumstances. This condition includes, cancellation, amendment, name changes and date changes to the original booking.

If we cancel or change your booking

On very rare occasions, we reserve the right to cancel your accommodation due to circumstances beyond our control. This may be due to a supplier going into receivership or a hotel closing without notice.

In this event, we will attempt to offer you another accommodation as close as possible to your original reservation, or a full refund of all monies paid. Either way the company will not be under any further obligation to you.

Important notice

The Company representatives and agents, including hotels, reserves the right to evict any client from any hotel or complex, who's behavior is deemed by the above mentioned parties, to be of a nature which causes a nuisance and discomfort to other guests. Under such conditions, the Company shall be under no further obligation to the clients concerned.

If you have a complaint

Should there be a need to raise a point while you are away, please contact the accommodation manager in the first instance. On most occasions, most complaints can be rectified immediately, and on the spot, if brought to the attention of our local representatives. If you are still not entirely happy with the way any problem has been dealt with, please make a note of the points, with dates and times of occurrences, and give a copy to our local manager or representative office.

If you feel that we need to be advised of the situation, then please contact our office by email. This should only be undertaken as a last resort, AFTER a copy of the complaint in writing has been given to the relevant parties locally. We will do all possible, and within our powers to assist you immediately, but you must appreciate that things may take at least 24 hours to sort out! If you are still unhappy when you return, and only after all the above has been adhered to, please write to us within 14 days of your arrival home.

Your accommodation vouchers

The accommodation voucher provided shows the names included in the party that are entitled to use the accommodation. Other persons, including overnight visitors are only permitted to stay at the discretion of the accommodation manager, and extra charges may be levied if permitted. Subletting or assigning the accommodation to third parties is prohibited.

Travel insurance

It is essential that you are adequately covered by travel insurance while you are abroad.

Price guarantee

Freedom To Holidays guarantees that once the full balance of your hotel is paid for, the price will remain final.

Special requests

The company will try its best to secure any special services that are requested by the client at the time of booking. However, requests cannot be guaranteed, and these do not form any part of our contract between the company and client.