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Singapore embodies the finest of both East and West. Modern and dynamic, yet sprinkled with oriental charm. It is an excellent destination for those wishing to have a taste of south East Asia, but demand a guarantee of comfort and safety. It also makes the perfect stopover destination for those travelling through to Australia and New Zealand.

Singapore is relatively small and centralised, its infrastructure is superb and it is very easy to get around. They take tourism very seriously, and visitors are well looked after.

Despite being more advanced than the majority of European cities, Singapore is also very good value for money. A day in Singapore is like a journey through time.

The city is dominated by numerous sleek, imposing skyscrapers, yet it won't take you long to discover exotic ethnic enclaves and serene tropical gardens as you explore throughout the day. Old Singapore is still very much evident in the colourful local markets, offering Chinese, Malay and Indian artefacts and delicacies.

If requiring some Westernised comfort, go and have a look round one of the thousands of glittering shops on the seemingly endless Orchard road and eat at one of the many internationally recognised restaurants.

Singapore has a number of specific attractions that will keep even the most restless visitor entertained for days. Take a cable car across the bay to Sentosa Island, and explore the nature park, visit the world's first night safari at the famous Singapore zoo, take an evening cruise through the magnificently illuminated harbour, and then pop into the Raffles hotel for your mandatory Singapore Sling.

Singapore will keep you perpetually entertained with is unique beauty and unbridled energy.

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Singapore - Coming Soon!

Despite its gleaming skyscrapers, Singapore is a self-styled ‘garden city’ with attractions such as Kew-on-steroids Gardens by the Bay and jungle-clad colonial-era mansions.

Holidays in Singapore are so much more than stopovers. Meet the English-speaking locals and share tips on the best food stalls. Enjoy your downtime in a city with plenty of entertainment and lush gardens.

Sightseers flock to Singapore’s stupendous malls for glorious shops, before squeezing through the hawker markets to find inexpensive delicacies. To escape the rush, visit Sentosa island, just off the south coast. Slow down the pace at the resort hotels on the island, where you can enjoy Universal Studios. Come evening, a river cruise, a turn on the Singapore Flyer or a sling at a rooftop bar are all great ways to see the shimmering city lights.

Gay nightlife also thrives in Singapore. To the surprise of many gay tourists, Singapore does have a few awesome gay bars and saunas to explore.
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